Chex Quest is back! Chex Mix Squadron cartoon characters in action

Chex Quest

Chex Quest cartoon characters

Still free. Now with Multiplayer.

The Flemoid menace is back and it’s up to the Chex Mix Squadron to save the galaxy. Head to planet Bazoik and zorch your way through hordes of Flemoids. Or battle your friends in the action-packed new multiplayer mode. Honor, glory, and snacks await. Play Chex Quest HD on Steam now.

Chex Mix Squadron cartoon characters battling flemoids

Chex Quest Comic Book File Available Now

Don't know what a CBZ file is?
Download the PDF version here

CBZ file is 162MB and will require an e-reader

Download CBZ file here →
Meet the Squadron →

The Squad is on Spotify

Listen to the epic Chex Quest soundtrack to experience all the drama and excitement of battling Flemoids directly through your speakers.

Old computer with original Chex Quest Video Game playing and Wheatney Chexworth in the corner

The year was 1996.

Everyone was rocking plaid and working on their yoyo tricks. And a cereal brand released a non-violent first-person-shooter video game — that turned out to be a hit. Those were the days.

Chex Quest was originally built on the Doom engine by a community of artists and developers as a passion project. That passion has kept them updating the game ever since and ultimately inspired the launch of Chex Quest HD - which you can play for free on STEAM. So get zorchin'.

Chex Mix Squadron Bottom Hero cartoon characters