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Chex Mix Traditional,, front of package

Chex Mix

The unique mixes of flavor and crunch you love! Check out our different flavors.

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Muddy Buddies

The wonderful blend of corn Chex dusted with a sweet powdery coating. Check out the flavors!

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Chex Mix Treats Peanut Butter Chocolate, front of pack

Treat Bars

Enjoy Chex Mix in a new way! Pick from Peanut Butter Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, or Birthday Cake-flavored bars.

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a variety pack bag of different Chex Mix products


The packs of all your favorite snacks. Check out our different combinations and sizes!

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Chex Quest Characters

Chex Quest is back!

Yes, a snack brand re-launched a video game. Play Chex Quest HD for free on STEAM, now with multiplayer.

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